Next up on our DIY cocktails recipe cards is one of our most popular cocktails at Tipsy Bean! The Pornstar Martini

We use fresh Passion fruit puree to add a really fruity kick, but you can use Passoa or similar if you prefer. The tiny squeeze of lime juice helps to add the foam on top when you shake well with ice!

Serve with a shot of prosecco - but nobody can tell you off if you have more than one! Do you like to drink yours separately or pour it in?

You'll need:

- 50ml Vanilla Vodka

- 75ml Passion fruit puree

- Squeeze of fresh lime juice

- Shot of prosecco

- Fruit to garnish - Passion fruit, or Physalis

- Ice cubes

- A cocktail shaker, strainer, sieve and a martini glass


1. Shake all the ingredients (apart from the Prosecco) with ice in the shaker.

2. Double strain, using the strainer and a sieve, into a martini glass

3. Garnish with a the fruit and serve with a shot of Prosecco

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