As the weather has been a little more unpredictable the past few days we’ve gone for an Autumn favourite for this weekend’s DIY cocktail!

The ‘El Diablo’ originated in California in the 1940’s and the name translates to ‘the devil’! This delicious drink is a combination of fruity black currants, zesty lime and fiery ginger beer - and of course a kick of tequila!

Super easy to make, and readily available ingredients... have a go this evening and share your photos by tagging us on social media!

You'll need:

- 50ml Tequila

- 25ml fresh lime juice

- 20ml Crème de Cassis

- Ginger beer

- Ice cubes

- Wedge of lime to garnish

- A cocktail shaker, strainer and a tall glass


1. Shake the Tequila, lime juice and Crème de Cassis with ice in the shaker.

2. Fill a tall glass with ice and strain the liquid into the glass. Top up with ginger beer to your taste or until the glass is full!

3. Garnish with a wedge of lime and enjoy...!!

You may remember Dan & Tom making this cocktail with Bill Buckley on BBC Berkshire’s food & drink hour back in October 2019?!

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