The age-old coffee conundrum of which method is best- do you have a favourite? There are many, many more methods, but these are the three that we use here at Tipsy Bean! Read on to find out more about them...

Cafetiere (french press) method

Cafetiere method

The cafetiere, french press, plunger, coffee pot - it has many different names and is believed to originate from Milan around the late 1920's. Being one of the easiest and low cost methods this is a popular brewing method and requires little effort or equipment to make a great cup of coffee.

A cylindrical (usually glass) beaker is filled with coarsely ground coffee beans, topped with hot water (not boiling) and left to steep for a few minutes. You can amend the steeping time to suit your taste. Then once ready, the plunger lid is popped on and slowly depressed, pushing all of the ground coffee to the bottom of the pot - resulting in a clear smooth coffee for you to pour into your favourite mug and enjoy!

Our coarsely ground coffee beans are available to buy in our online store, which are perfect for cafetieres as well as the 'pour over' method. Don't have a cafetiere? We have a 3-cup or 8-cup available to add to your order too.

Pour-over (dripper) method

Pour over method

People have been brewing coffee for centuries - but it was the 1900s before the first coffee paper filter was invented, removing coffee grounds from the drink.

The pour over method is a much slower extraction, slowly drawing flavour from the coffee grounds therefore creating a much richer and flavoursome drink. It also provides the barista much more control over the process (the faster you pour, the lighter the taste). This method is extremely popular for people who like their coffee without milk due to the delicious flavour this method creates.

All of the kit required for pour-over coffee is available to buy in our online store. You'll need a dripper, some filter papers and a flask to catch the coffee in. Alternatively you can buy a dripper starter set or a craft coffee set.

Espresso method

Espresso method

This method (also referred to as coffee under pressure) is the fastest method of creating coffee and by far the most popular in coffee shops and cafes across the UK. Originating in 1884, it involves passing pressurised (almost boiling) water through finely ground coffee beans you can get a delicious, flavoursome, caffeine packed coffee in under 30 seconds. The pressure used to create espresso coffee creates the crema you see floating on top of your coffee, and disperses rich coffee oils into your drink.

The easiest way of making coffee under pressure is with an espresso machine. You'll need a grinder too to grind the beans - or you can purchase an easy to use bean-to-cup machine. This method is usually the most costly though, with a larger initial outlay on equipment.

If you have a bean-to-cup machine or a grinder at home you might be interested in our whole bean coffee - available in our online store.

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