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Chapter evolved in 2020 from Tipsy Bean which has been in Caversham since 2016. Under new ownership since September 2019, we are still Caversham's only independent cocktail and coffee bar!  

  • We are committed to supporting the local community - whether that is through partnerships with other like minded independent businesses or through our community work with local charities and organisations.

  • We are working to continually improve our menu, recipes and product range to bring your the best flavours and trends! We also love great coffee – which is why we offer delicious, ethically sourced coffee from a local supplier in Reading.

  • We have created a comfortable environment to enjoy great coffee and cake, catch up with friends or even set up camp to work from ... which then transforms into a lively cocktail bar in the early evening! Coffee by day, cocktails by night.


Conscious of our impact on the planet, at Chapter we try to minimise this wherever possible. 

All of our cleaning products are eco-friendly, kind to the environment and our bar (as well as our hands!) 🍃🌎

Until recently the only plastic we used at Chapter was re-useable containers or chopping boards that are washed and re-used again and again. However, due to Covid19 we now offer some takeaway drinks in plastic containers. These containers are made using 100% recycled plastic and can be popped straight into your kerbside recycling at home once they are finished with.

We recycle all of our paper, cardboard and any food packaging as well as glass bottles. Where possible, we've swapped glass bottles for aluminium cans to reduce carbon emissions during transport (did you know: recycling aluminium uses 90% less energy than recycling glass). We try to source products made from recycled materials wherever possible too.

Any waste that cannot be recycled (such as food waste) is taken to an incinerator and used to produce electricity and then the waste ash and debris is used to make road surfaces. 100% of our waste output avoids going to landfill.

Our used coffee grounds are available for customers to take away - it makes for great fertiliser to use in your gardens or allotments! Ask the team if you'd like some.

Importing drinks from around the world can have a huge impact on the planet, so we try to keep it local when we can. Our beer is from Rebellion Brewery in Marlow, and some of our house spirits used to create cocktails (although from the Caribbean) are 100% carbon neutral.


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